2015 begins and I am again Estuarine Elderwoman living in a Beachshack by the Lagoon in Urunga. After the loss and pain of 2014, I am now compelled to reframe my life. I spent September 2014 in an induced coma with double pneumonia and now that I am back from the Dreaming, I have found myself alone again. Full circle says one of my Women. Full circle – home at last.

Come with me as we see where 2015 leads us and take some looks back at the years that have passed.

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June 21 2014, my man, IZZY FOREAL, ran into the Forest, as he did each morning, and he never came home. He was found by the road in the Forest he loved, dead from a massive heart attack. My soul calls OCHA and I mourn him deeply. 

A cautious view of Australia.

Looking through 64 year old eyes with a capacity for wonder.  Beginning with images from the past and then photoblogging my own 2000s as they come. The NORTHERN RIVERS of NSW seem to be holding me so the Villages and Waterways of GCountry seem likely to be the main theme of 2000s for me. We will see.

Lets begin the year with a truly lovely Summertime and see where 2014 leads us.

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